How To Bet On Soccer? A Complete Guide

The most popular sport in today’s time is betting on sports. Online sports betting websites are developing gradually day by day. One of the most popular types of sports betting is soccer betting. Players tend to enjoy online soccer betting as they can bet on live soccer games by sitting at their homes.

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Soccer Moneyline betting

While playing betting on soccer Moneyline, three options will be available for you to bet:

  • Team 1 will win
  • The match will draw
  • Team 2 will win

The players must predict these three outcomes in a 90-minute live soccer match. In soccer matches, penalty shout-outs and fixtures are common. However, they are excluded from Moneyline betting.

As gamblers are given a choice to select which team will win. However, draw if they choose any particular team, and the game ends draw. Then the gambler will lose their bet.

Double Chance

Double chance betting selection is another common type among soccer betting enthusiasts. This type of betting gives gamblers a choice to select between two options for betting, such as:

  • Team 1 will win, or the match will end in to draw
  • Team 2 will win, or the match will end in to draw
  • Team 1 or Team 2 will win

Double Chance betting reduces the risk of losing the match. Another betting in this category is ‘No Draw Betting .’If a player bets under this category on their team and in the case of a draw, the player’s money is automatically refunded into their account.

Goal Line Betting

Soccer betting also provides chances for its players to bet on the goal lines. In some areas, the goal lines are also called handicaps. For example, players can bet with the -0.5 goal line or increase it upto -1.5 or -2.5.

Suppose a player is betting on team 1 with a goal line set to -1.5. Then that player’s team is required to win by two goals for that player to win the bet.

In the Asian handicap, the points are spread between two players’ bets. For instance, -1.5  and -2 are two players’ bets, but if the team wins by 3, both players will win the bet.

Soccer Total Betting

This type of betting is most common among American Soccer enthusiasts. Like, goal line betting, total betting is also adjusted in goal increments and will include the half-goal bet to encourage bets on both sides.

In total betting, the total offered to bet is 2.5 and 3.5. Players can set these totals on three goals, or they can also set it on two goals. Soccer betting beginners are not advisable to set three goals, and these three goals are often referred to as dead goals.

If a player is following a trend of the fixture, betting on totals is a proven approach to winning.

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